3g wifi android digital signage media player

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
BV-88 Lite
Panel Size:
Max Resolution:
3840x2160 P
Viewing Angle:
all angles
Pixel Pitch:
full color, Gray, customization is available
Contrast Ratio:
Response Time:
Input Voltage:
12V, AC220V/50Hz
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 3G (WCDMA, CDMA2000, through external USB module)
Non-PC based , RISC or Embedded based platform
Lock with 3 Keys
2G SD card (Maximum up to 128G)
ARM based Multimedia processor , 720MHz
USB2.0 x 1, USB1.0 x 1
1000 Box/Boxes per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1 unit sample packaging: Standard color carton, measurement 30*20*10cm, weight 2kg.
2 units sample packaging: Standard carton, measurement 30*20*20cm, weight 3.5kg.
20 units batch order packaging: 2 units per inner carton, 10 inner carton per outer carton. Total measurement 95*32*37cm, total weight 30kg.
Lead Time :



As the lite version of BV-88player, BV-88-Lite features 2160p display, reliable network and scalable I/O interfaces.

With super tiny size and outstanding performance among its peers, BV-88-Lite can be connected with any screen via cable, turning ordinary TV, monitor or screen into easy-to-use digital signage.



Main Features


1.3G, Wifi, and Cable Network support
2.Full H.D. 1080P
3. Output
4.Metal Case and Durable Design
5.Multiple Zone Display
6.Managed by easy Digital Signage Software




System Diagram

Thousands of player connected to and controlled by central Server.
Players can be national wide or even worldwide.








Many kinds of content type displayed on the screen.
Video, Picture, Audio, Text message, Time & Date, News, and so on.





I/O Ports




ContentMedia:Video/Audio/Picture/Scrolling text/Streaming Video
Video:MOV, AVI, MP4, DVD, ASF, WMV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, Streaming Video
Audio:MP3, WMA, MPEG1/2, Dolby Digital AC3
Scrolling Message:Support, Single line horizontally scrolling&shifting, multiple line vertically scrolling&shifting

DisplayDisplay Resolution:Up to 3840x2160, both 16:9 and 4:3
High Definition(H.D.):2160P.UHD 
Portrait Mode:Support 
Background Picture:Support 
Multiple Zones Display:Support multiple zones on screen

HardwarePlatform:Non-PC based, RISC or Embedded based platform
Video output:(2160P)
Audio Output:RCA L / R jack, SPDIF digital audio jack,
Storage:Default 8GB SD card (Maximum up to 128GB) 
Processor:ARM based Multimedia processor 
Network:10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
Wireless:Built-in Wifi 802.11b/g (optional), Built-in 3G (WCDMA, CDMA2000, optional) 
USB:USB2.0 x 1, USB1.0 x 1 
Power Input:DC 12V

PerformanceMTBF:10,000 hours
Life cycle:100,000 hours
Power Consumption:Approx. 12W

OthersDimension:190 x 126 x 32 mm
Net Weight:1.3KG
Plastic:Color Navy Blue, customization is available
Accessories:Power Adapter(Input: AC/100-240V, Output: DV/12V), Remote, Quick Installation Guide.
Optional Accessories: 

3G Adapter, Wifi Adapter, Cable.


Management Software


DSM80 is one of the most stable Digital Signage Software that widely used in Asia, it allows everyone to quick and easily build and manage a centrally controlled network of LCD displays, working with the embedded signage media player and, DSM80 solution can work under 24*365 condition and it never get crash.

Screens/Displays controlled by DSM80 player connect to and are controlled from a central location through any IP-based network (include LAN, WAN, wired or wireless, 3G/4G, or even a mix of any of these.). It supports image, video, audio, scrolling message and live news and displays them through high quality digital signal. DSM80 has been tested by amounts of clients, and achieved that more than 9,000 players are online and managed together.





Software Function

User-Defined Layout

  • User can design different layouts according to different content;
  • Take the layout template or design layout;
  • It supports backround image and music;
  • Time zone can display current time and date;
  • Weather zone display weather type, time, text and logo in 24 hours/48 hours/72 hours;
  • Image zone can be set as static image or select various kinds of image switch effect, including scrolling, cut-in, gird effect, etc;
  • Message zone can be set as static or scrolling text, supports news and RSS;
  • Display logo on the specific location on screen, and logo can overlay other image;
  • There are mutltiple ways to display scrolling message;
  • Set one zone as main playback zone, and the program will end at the end of this zone;
  • According to program, it can set layout size, including landscape and portrait mode.

Playback Content

  • Playback content includes video, image, audio, message, sustitle, time, date, weather, news, etc;
  • Video formats include WMV, MPG2/4, RMVB, DAT, VOB, XVID, DIVX, AVI, TS, H.263/H.264, MOV, FLV, etc in 1080P decode;
  • Image formats include almost all of image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc;
  • Message can set font, size, color, and background color or transparant background;
  • Time and date in Chinese, English and other formats, it sync with server and is accurated by minute;

Content Management

  • Content can be managed and classified by category;
  • Category type is similar to Windows explorer;
  • Create/delete/rename a category on server;
  • Upload content to a category according to different classifications;
  • Upload different content from local hard disk or network folder;
  • Support continuous upload from breakpoint;
  • Set download time of player content to avoid busy hour and keep system stability;

Program and Compaign

  • Contain Idel-Loop campaign, On-Demand campaign and Inter-Cut campaign;
  • Play or pause a program if you want and the pause program will not be deleted from player;
  • The priority of campaign: Inter-Cut campaign>On-Demand campaign>Idle-Loop campaign;
  • The Idle-Loop campaign can be repeated every several days, for example the reperated days are a week, and it will display different programs everyday;
  • Inter-Cut time, end time, playback counts of Inter-Cut campaign are optional;
  • On-Demand campaign is triggered by hardware or software command, and displays one or several programs as the set count;

Group Management

  • User management players by group according to the details, for example location, network, commercial, player model, etc;
  • According to setting player group and campaigning programs, it can satisfy various complcated requirements of clients;
  • Grouping is in tree-directory structur, allows multilevel group, easy to manage and understand;
  • Without specific command, all of settings and content of players are same in the same group, such as playback content, hardware configurations, download time, etc;
  • User can send specific configuration to one or several player in the same group according to the details.


  • Strict audit system to manage playback content and avoid mistake;
  • According to manage content in details, such as preview uploaded content and audit them, approve/refuse current campaign, user can manage player;
  • Manage the access level of users by defining the users’roles;
  • Admin can set up users, and select roles to different user;
  • User login server through IP address via web browser, input user name and passwor and then manage the system;
  • Default user name and password are availble.

Player Configuration

  • Get rid of manual work and increase player life cycle through setting power on/off time; Select network connection way and set network configuration, set DHCP/Static IP address, WiFi authentication/encryption method, 3G account, etc;
  • Set video output and resolution, such as , 1080P, 720P, 480P, etc;
  • Adjust volume at different time;
  • Upgrade firmware through requirements.

Playback Monitoring

  • Playback monitoring function make user learn the current and history situation of player without going to installation place;
  • When there is something wrong with the player or network of player, it will inform the related administrator to let them know well about system;
  • Remote check player network status, including on/offline status and recent hearbeat time, etc;
  • Check the history hearbeat time of some player;
  • Check system log, such as power on time, download start/end time, etc;
  • Get player online rate directly;
  • Auto alarm when player has been offline for a long time, or improper power on/off, etc;
  • Check palyback status by taking screenshot.


  • Statistics function make users get the plaback information and offer reliable data to study system;
  • Check the playback list during certain time and in some group, including playback counts,playback start/off time, etc;
  • System will get the playback counts and time of some file automatically;
  • Check statistics by player name and file name;
  • Get player availability ratio, means that how much percent normal working time of a player of a group player take in gross time during certain time.

Live News

  • Player realizes to display real-time message through the interface connection with server;
  • Switch real-time content from server;
  • Convert real-time message to form, image and other stypes to increase message arrival rate, more advanced than traditional mode.

Touch Support

  • Set touch zone and area
  • Set touch action




1.Does BV-88 Lite player have VESA wall mounting? How can I install it?
No, it doesn’t. It can be fixed on wall by screws.

2.What is the embedded OS of BV-88 Lite player?
The player OS is Android 4.4 or Android 5.1.

3.Can I install other software on your players?
Yes, you can. but you have to uninstal the DSM80 before you install other software.

4.Can I lock the player with a password or something to protect the content?
This requirement has been proposed by our other clients. So it is on the plan list and will be realized soon. After that, all of the configuration files and content stored in the internal storage will be locked with a password.

5.Can I remote manage players from a central office?
Yes, you can. Below are the steps.
1.Configure players with right network and server settings
2.Install players and connect it to internet.
3.Manage players through DSM80 software from the central office.

6.How many screens that one BV-88 Lite player can connect?
Usually, our recommendation is one BV-88 Lite player per screen. But you can connect one BV-88 Lite player to several screens through distributor.

7.Can I use the players as standalone player and update content through USB flash drive?
Yes, it can work as a standalone player.

8.Does BV-88 Lite player need to connect with the server all the time?
It is unnecessary. BV-88 Lite player will download new content, store them in the internal storage and then play them as scheduled playlist from internal storage. You can disconnect the network after download is finished.

9.What is the internal storage of BV-88 Lite player? Does it support HDD?
The default internal storage of BV-88 Lite is 8GB. If HDD is required, there is another version that supports HDD. Please contact us for more details.

10.Is the size of internal storage enough? How to delete content?
Yes we think so as the player only storage the recent contents, and it will automatically clear unnecessary contents.

11.Does BV-88 Lite player support flash file?

12.Does BV-88 Lite player support portrait mode?
Yes, it supports portrait mode very well.

13.DoesBV-88 Lite player support 16:9 ratio?
Yes, it supports both 16:9 and 4:3.

14.Does BV-88 Lite player support full HD 1080P resolution?
Yes, BV-88 Lite player supports 1080P resolution through output.

15.Does BV-88 Lite player support RSS?
Yes, RSS is supported.

16.Does BV-88 Lite player support weather report?

17.Does BV-88 Lite player support multi-language text message?
Yes, it supports all language.

18.Does BV-88 Lite player support multiple zone display?
Yes, BV-88 Lite player supports multiple zone display. It supports one video zone, one time and date zone, several image zones, several message zones.

19.Can I display live TV through SC-8100 player?
Yes, you can. But your TV device must have the port.

20.Will you update BV-88 Lite player in future? How can I update it?
Yes, we will send you update package for free after you purchase the players and then tell you the exact way in details.

21.Can I run the BV-88 Lite player 24x7? Is it robust enough?
Yes, BV-88 Lite player can work 24x7. As it is embedded system and fanless design, the system is very stable and the player is definitely robust enough.

22.What is the video output of BV-88 Lite player?
There are .

23.How can I connect BV-88 Lite player to my monitors/TVs?
Connect BV-88 Lite player to your monitors/TVs through video and audio cable. It is up to what video input of your monitors/TVs.

24.To run BV-88 Lite player, what accessories do I need to purchase separately?
Power supply and other accessories will be sent along with player. You just need to purchase the video and audio cable.

25.How long time it would take to upload a file (assuming the files are quite big in size)?
It is up to the network speed. But I recommend you to prepare more time (at least 24 hours if the file is big). The player will still play content when downloading the new file. It won’t disturb the normal playback.

26.BV-88 Lite player accept SD card?
No, but it accept TF card. The storage of the TF up to 32G.

27.How many year warranty SC8100 ?
One year.

28.How many kg for box package sc 8100?
It is about 2kg. Net Weight 1kg. It is only a player. But the whole package includes remote controller, power cord, power cable, power adaptor, etc.

29.How the BV-88 Lite work?
Install the software on a dedicated PC, and then you can manage the players from the computer through internet.

30.What is your network access?
Our network access solution is through RJ45 port.

31.What band is your display?
Our display is our own brand, and we use LG, Sumsung, Chimei, AUO lcd panels in our products.

32.Would it be possible to place the player behind the screen?
To install BV-88 Lite media player, you can fix it on wall through screws. But you can’t place it behind the screen.


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